Get Help

People aren’t born with relationship skills. They have to learn them. Here are some ways to get the marriage that you want:

Watch a video. We’ll bet our voodoo pins that Song of Songs will make you cry. More importantly, it will make you think. This independent documentary explores the meaning of love, relationships and commitment in today’s world. To download, click here.

Read a book. John Gottman studies happily married couples to find out what they do that works. He has found that everyday attitudes and behaviors can make or break relationships. You’ll find his book on our short list of practical guides to marriage.

Take a class. PREP marriage-education classes are not therapy (although that can work too). PREP is a research-based program that helps couples build strong, fulfilling and lasting marriages. For a schedule of programs in the Tampa Bay area, click here.

If you live outside Tampa Bay, check out the nationwide directory of marriage-education classes on

Abuse is never OK. If you think you may be in a physically or emotionally abusive relationship, get help now. To see how, click here.